There are characters that remain engraved in memory. And Lloll was marked by the first time she saw Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. The unforgettable songs, the script based on Bernard Shaw, that great hat she wore in the Ascot race scene… but above all, the constant and tense dynamic between the flower girl Eliza and Professor Higgins. Now, in “Tot fent Pigmalió”, the actress counts on the complicity of Manel Barceló to reminisce about the great text scenes of the main couple, but also their favorite songs from the musical. Using the juicy and clever translation into Catalan by Joan Oliver, the show is a love letter to the acting profession, but above all, in these critical moments for the language, it is also a tribute to the richness of registers of Catalan.

Dramaturgy  Marc Rosich 
Direction   Marc Rosich & Jordi Andújar
Set design  Sergi Corbera
Music composition  Marc Sambola
Light design  Dani Gener
Costume design  Raquel Ibort
Production  Anexa
Sala Versus Glòries, Barcelona. 01/02/24


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