What would you do if you discovered your life’s expiry date was set to come around sooner than you thought? Starting out from this zany comic situation, playwright and director Marta Buchaca does what she does best: portray the life, fears, complexes and shortcomings of her characters. What’s their approach to life? How do they handle its complications and contradictions? On this occasion, the author uses comedy to talk about death, reminding us to live each day not as if it were our last, but rather as if it were the only day of our existence. Ponder what things you would include on a list of everything you had to do before dying, or better still, start doing them before it’s too late.

Text & direction  Marta Buchaca
Set design  Sebastià Brosa
Assistant set design  Sergi Corbera
Production La pocket
Teatre Goya, Barcelona. 15/07/22 – 07/8/22. Festival Grec 2022.

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