Elliot’s imagination was so extraordinary that it became the means to confront a hostile reality. With it, he could cross oceans, fly, stop time, and even evade fear. He grew, and his imagination even more. Swallowed by the bright world he had created, he didn’t see that behind him, long shadows were being cast, beings that had been accompanying him for too long.

Dramaturgy & Direction   Julieta Gascón & Jose A. Puchades (Zeroenconducta)
Set design  Laura Clos (Closca) & Sergi Corbera
Music composition  Jorge da Rocha
Light design  Ganesha Gil
Muppets construction  Valentina Raposo
Production  Bruno Valls (Tandempro)
AtriumViladecans, Barcelona. 02/03/24


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