Intempèrie is a multi-format scenic project co-created by young people who fabulate for an alternative future.

The show was born during the participation of @jordiperezsole and @claramatasvidal in the Teen Ambassadors Across Europe, an European project about the involvement of the young public. The reflections and actions arising from this 2 years program, together with the performers points of view and experiences and the voice of various youth groups, gave content and form to this multi-formed show addressed to both young and adult audiences.

The performance is starred by young performers from different backgrounds, competencies, artistic sensitivities and life experiences.

Text  Aleix Aguilà
Direction  Jordi Pérez
Set & Costume design  Sergi Corbera and Paula Font Creixell
Production Tèntol
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (Sala Tallers), Barcelona. 3/11/22.