A knot in the stomach, fire in the body, and an explosion that runs through us inside and out. We scream, we cry, we say curse words, we feel like hitting and kicking, or running away. It’s ANGER. When it comes to visit us, we don’t like it, but it’s inevitable and will continue to do so throughout our lives. So maybe we get to know it a little better, right?

An immersive experience In collaboration with the Playmodes collective – about what anger is, how it makes us feel, and why. Here you will have the opportunity to get to know it up close and tell it without fear; “HOLA, RÀBIA!”

Dramaturgy   La Banda
Direction  Mercè Vila Godoy
Co-direction  Jordi Robles
Set design  Sergi Corbera
Technological languages   Playmodes & David Sarsanedas
Sound design  Dolo Bertrán
Light design  Carles Comas
Production  La Banda
Teatre Municipal de Girona, Girona. 04/02/24


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