Some believe in aliens, others believe in God and others believe in Lewandowski or George R.R. Martin… Some also believe in Eva Perón, like the organisers of this celebration, a group of “Peronas,” as they call themselves, who will talk to you about Evita and sing songs for you. Some are related to the story, and others come from the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber with lyrics by Tim Rice. You will listen to a everything from a medley of songs by the great Raffaella Carrà to No llores por mí, Argentina, among many other songs conveniently translated into Catalan. Eva Perón is one of the indispensable figures when discussing Argentina’s recent history, and, despite the years that have passed since her death in 1952, there is still no consensus on her figure. Defender of the oppressed or manipulative populist? Some are very clear about this, such as the organisers of the evangelical-Peronist mass to be held at the Montjuïc site. And the fact is that without this woman, who filled Franco’s Spain with beans in times of famine, who dared to tell the Generalissimo and his wife, Doña Carmen, what they did not want to hear, and who saved Concha Márquez Piquer’s life by sending her the imported medicine she needed, our whole life would have been different. 

The show is an adaptation of Requiem for Evita, a play that, in 2017, won the Teatre Barcelona award for best musical and was a finalist in the BBVA Awards. 

Dramaturgy & direction by  Jordi Prat i Coll
Set design  Sergi Corbera
Production  Bitò Produccions + GrecFestival2023 
Teatre Grec, Barcelona. 27-28/07/23



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