Andromeda in Ketten  is the new opera by the composer Agustí Charles. Starring the singer María Hinojosa, it is a small-format piece, a monodrama for soprano, with amplified violin, harp, percussion, and live electronics (with the incorporation of the ePad-Wood, a new electronic percussion instrument created by the composer himself).

To save their family from the wrath of a sea monster, Cepheus and Cassiopeia had their daughter Andromeda forged on a sea rock as a sacrifice. Based on the poem by the Basque author Fátima Frutos about that mythological Andromeda who is finally freed by Perseus, a young woman courageously faces her monsters in Marc Rosich’s text. Turning away from Andromeda’s romanticised dream of rescue, she finds her own strength.

This performance is made possible thanks to the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) as part of Spain’s cultural programme as guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022.

Composed by  Agustí Charles
Libretto by  Marc Rosich
Stage direction  Jordi Pérez
Set design  Sergi Corbera 
Production Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació
Staatstheater Darmstadt (Darmstadt) 22-23/10/22
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