Although working as a Geological Engineering, I had always felt a set designer inside. I needed some time to match the two complementary driving forces of my life path: my inner vocation and my professional career. Currently, I have a Postgraduate degree in Set Design for Performing Arts by Elisava (Barcelona School of Design and Engineering). Since 2012, I design scenographies and conceptualize spaces, linking a wide range of artistic projects from set designing to art directing for TV commercials.

Even though I am currently commuting between Barcelona and Leuven (Belgium) this has not meant an obstacle for continuing with the development of my projects. To the contrary, this change might represent an opportunity and a driving force to further develop and share my expertise abroad and show my works to new scenarios.

I have more than 9 years of experience in set and costume design for performing arts, and in art direction for films and tv advertising.

Since 2014 he has worked with set designers Sebastià Brosa, Laura Clos “Closca”, Alejandro Andújar and Clara Notari, among others. In 2017, I started working intensively with the set designer “Closca”, thus formalizing our “artistic marriage” and settling our working philosophy concept. 

From 2019 to 2022 I teached at the Art Direction Postgraduate course in ESCAC.

My recent jobs includes the set design for the opera “Andrómeda Encadenada” (composed by Agustí Charles), “El viatge de l’heroi” (idea and direction by Inda Pereda), “Carnicera” (text by Javier Daulte); the set and costume design for “Smiley, després de l’amor” (text and direction by Guillem Clua), the costume design for “Història d’un senglar” (text and direction by Gabriel Calderón), the set design for “XII Gaudí Awards” for the Catalan Film Academy and the set design assistances for “Síndrome de gel” (text by Clàudia Cedó and direction by Xicu Masó), “El diablo Cojuelo” (text by Juan Mayorga and direction by Ester Nadal), “53 Diumenges” (text and direction by Cesc Gay) and “La rambla de les floristes” (directed by Jordi Prat i Coll).


To me, set design means a collective adventure of knowledge, passion, inventiveness and intimate creativity where curiosity and empathy are the best allies. While designing, I always try to assimilate the director’s ideas, understand and love the text as a writer and be sensitive to the interpreter’s needs in order to create evocative imaginary spaces that are full of truth, sense and poetry. I believe small details are critically important, while I let myself be seduced by the wide potential of materials and the exploration of new formats and scenic languages.

I am always working from the premise that the function of design is not merely to illustrate the performed text, music or movement, but to provide a further layer of visual narrative.

I enjoy inventing new playing rules in every project, in every challenge, and transforming the set – enabling it to becoming one more character-. I seek the audience to question itself: what am I going to see next? what will be revealed?